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Rolls and machines for the rubber & plastics industry

Triple-Engineering specialises in the overhaul and repair of all makes of mixers, presses and cutting machines. We are also specialised in the repair of reduction gearboxes and bronze bearings or the supply of a new lubrication system for your rolling mill.

In addition to the range of overhauls, we can also convert your existing machine if required. A conversion to another form of drive and/or a conversion to a more efficient rolling mill adjustment is possible. Moulds for rubber parts and plastic products are part of our know-how.

Typical rolls for rubber and plastic industry

Calender rolls

With calender rollers, even the smallest defects in the roll surface, e.g. pores or cracks, have to be excluded to ensure the best possible quality of the product. The more precise the grinding of the calender rolls, the better the product tolerance value. View specifications of the calender rolls here

Mixing rolls

Mixing rolls are needed for the production of rubber and plastic compounds (plastic blends). The uniform mixing of the material increases the homogeneity. The more wear-resistant the mixing rolls and the better the cooling capacity, the more economical the process. The TIR and cylindricity is less than 0.02 mm. A surface hardness of at least 500 HV as standard and at least 580 HV for the increased wear version. Design: drilled peripherally.

View specifications of our mixing rolls here

Spreader Rolls

The ESR ( Eco Stretch Roll) spreader roll is a new, patented wide stretch roll that stretches material webs safely, gently and wrinkle-free. The distinct advantages of standing wide stretch systems such as banana rollers, brush rollers and spiral rubber rollers have been combined and further developed in the ESR system. Foils, non-woven fabrics, textiles as well as paper can all be stretched equally well, even in difficult conditions such as at high speeds, on very thin materials or in a turntable system. View specifications of the spreader rolls here

Comma Coater Rolls

Comma Coater rolls are used for coating, dyeing and impregnating e.g. plastic film, paper, textiles, fleece materials and metal. The more precisely the rollers are ground, the more accurately the quantity to be used can be dosed. Our finishing rolls have a high precision and a high corrosion resistance. View specifications of our comma coater rolls


Lab Presses

Our lab presses for the rubber and plastics industry have been developed for the production of sheets or composite sheets in plastic or rubber. These lab presses are specifically designed to carry out studies and tests or simply to produce test material. Read more about our lab presses

Lab Mills

The machines make it possible to mix, knead, plasticize and pull small quantities of rubber and plastic into sheets or strips. The machines are also suitable for serial work of colouring, thermal stabilization and sheet drawing. Read more about our lab mills

Compression Presses

Triple-Engineering supplies production presses & special presses at customer's request. Read more about our compression presses

Cutting systems

Triple-Engineering has pneumatic cutting systems in various designs. Read more about our cutting systems


In our cutting machines for the rubber and plastics industry, the electrical cabinet and the hydraulic group are fully integrated. Read more about our cutting machines

Rolling Mills

Triple-Engineering supplies rolling mills in standard dimensions. Read more about our rolling mills


We supply winding machines with two winding stations. Read more about our winders

Blenders and silicone mixers

Our blenders have a hydraulic wagon displacement. Your mixture is transported by a hydraulic cylinder from left to right on the two overhead rollers. Read more about our blenders


We offer unique safety solutions for the rubber and plastics industry. Find out more

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